Bring OM to Your Home. launched in 2015 and offers regular weekly classes, workshops to deepen your practice, and a teacher enrichment program to help new and seasoned teachers alike master their craft.

I have taken several online Skype classes with Brian Critchley to deepen my knowledge of yoga in general and some topics specifically. If you are considering taking any classes with Brian to further your knowledge, I would highly, highly, highly recommend doing so. Brian not only has an extensive grasp of the subject matter, but he also has such an engaging and accessible way of presenting the material. I decided to take these courses because, in my 200 hour yoga teacher training, we touched on some of the concepts, but because we had so much material to cover, we just skimmed the surface. I opted to take Brian’s courses because I wanted to dive deeper into each of these topics. Brian presents his material in such a way that, while you do go deeper into the subjects, it is in a way that invites more curiosity and inquiry rather than overwhelm. I have loved each class and I’m so thankful to Brian for his guidance, knowledge and just his way of being.
— Charlene V., Cranbury, NJ

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